Globally Repositioned As Couture Ice Cream Executed Through The Line

An ingredient-campaign to justify the premium. Only a couture ice cream can create pure captivation.

OUR BRAND CAMPAIGN: Return to fore-play.


Many digital extensions

Retail extensions as a X’mas pop-up store in Singapore.


From Ice Cream To Fashion Art
(Global market, not the U.S.)

Channels: digital, social, mobile, action, retail, TV

Millennials did not know what made Häagen Dazs so special. The brand’s communications had become ordinary and were over-shattered by conventional bite and smile advertising. Meanwhile, other ice cream brands were gaining ground. We needed to justify the premium.

An audience analysis identified fashion as a core passion point for her. Considering the quality of ingredients and art of making, we realized that Häagen Dazs had more in common with a high-end fashion house than with other ice cream companies. Subsequently, we reframed it “From Ice Cream To Fashion Art”.

The “Couture Ice Cream” positioning gave rise to “The House Of Häagen Dazs", a fashion-inspired multi-platform experience with vast social extensions conveying the feeling of luxury, craftsmanship and exquisite ingredients in a way, previously unseen for ice cream.

The fully integrated campaign was executed in TV, digital, print, and retail. We developed a series of online videos, redesigned websites and brought it to life in social. We also used celebrities such as Bradley Cooper.

In 2013, sales were up in key markets: China +15%, Europe +6% and Japan +5%. 2014 is supposed to be even better. Results will come soon.