nigel rahimpour

Brand Planning Director Brooklyn, NY

I’ve run strategy on global brands in New York and covered wars for Germany’s biggest news magazines.

Graduated University of Hamburg in Business Administration, Sociology and Psychology.

I began my first career as a journalist covering the wars in Yugoslavia. After 6 months in the job, I was promoted to become the youngest chief-correspondent in Eastern Europe for Focus Magazine, Germany’s second biggest news weekly.

I was also given assignments in Africa, Asia and North America. I interviewed presidents, generals, war criminals and business tycoons.

After 5 years, I traded journalism for advertising to see the brighter side of life. I’ve spent the vast majority of my career in New York. But I also worked for agencies in Germany and Singapore.

As my advertising career has evolved, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to do more work in digital, innovation strategy, occasional speaking and judging. I also love mentoring and lecture planning at Miami Ad-School.

My passion revolves around making work that gets clients an unfair share of culture. I enjoy bringing modern relevance to legacy brands and making them part of the larger conversation. For example, our campaign for Cheerios sparked a national debate about race in America and generated 80% of the category's digital engagement with only 12% market share. We also sold a ton of cereal (+5.3%). That's what I'm talking about.

Unlike advertising, journalists have to earn attention. Your story will only be printed, if it’s compellingly fresh. Uncovering a narrative that overcomes indifference is part of my job definition. Because the biggest threat for brands isn’t that people reject them. It’s that people ignore them.

This is why I always look for the story that is worth people's time; the one that leads to action, not just attention; the kind that is as interesting as the content and activities people choose; After all, we're not competing with other brands, but with culture for people's time.

My campaigns have been recognized by Jay Chiat Strategic Excellence Awards, Effie, Cannes, Clio, Art Director’s Club, One Show, Communication Arts, etc.

I consider myself lucky for the great mentors who have helped me advance along the way.