nigel rahimpour

Brand Planning Director Brooklyn, NY

I’ve done more than run strategy on big, global brands in New York. I covered wars and wrote stories for Germany’s biggest news magazines.

Graduated University of Hamburg in Business Administration, Sociology and Psychology.

I began my first career as a journalist covering the wars in Yugoslavia. After 6 months in the job, I was promoted to become the youngest chief-correspondent in Eastern Europe for Focus Magazine, Germany’s second biggest news weekly.

I was also given assignments in Africa, Asia and North America. I interviewed presidents, generals, war criminals and business tycoons.

After 5 years, I traded journalism for advertising to see the brighter side of life. I’ve spent the vast majority of my career in New York. But I also worked for agencies in Germany and Singapore.

As my advertising career has evolved, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to do more work in digital, innovation strategy, occasional speaking and judging. I also love mentoring and lecture planning at Miami Ad-School.

My passion revolves around unearthing societal and people insights. I apply a tension-based approach to planning, because that’s the ingredient for a good story. Mind you, my articles would have never been published, if they did not have a tension that would grab people. And yes, I don’t mind going where it hurts to find tension.

I am also very entrepreneurial at heart. For example, I never studied journalism and didn’t have friends in high places to help me. Instead, I took it upon myself, ventured through the beleaguerment of Sarajevo and came back with a compelling article. I am not any different today. Somebody once said that I am the kind of planner who is not afraid of a blank page. The most often sentence she heard while working with me was 'What if…?" A little calculated risk is never bad.

I consider myself lucky for the great mentors who have helped me advance along the way.

My campaigns have been recognized by Cannes, Clio, Art Director’s Club, One Show, Communication Arts, Effie and Jay Chiat Strategic Excellence Awards.

I believe, the work should be a magnet, not a mirror. It’s more important to be interesting than to be right.