Crunchy Nut (Integrated)


From A Breakfast Cereal To A Snack You Can’t Wait Until Morning To Eat.

Most Successful Cereal Launch Ever in America.
Awards: Cannes Lion Short List OOH, Bronze Clio Outdoor, New York Festival Finalist Outdoor

SUMMARY: The assignment was to launch Kellogg’s first new cereal in a decade into one of the most crowded categories in the supermarket. We reframed Crunchy Nut from a breakfast cereal into an Any-Moment-Snack to convey taste in a new way. “It’s Morning Somewhere” became the most mentioned cereal campaign: +176MM earned media in 2 weeks and +1.1% market share in just 6 weeks!


How do you introduce Crunchy Nut into one of the most cluttered categories in America, the cereal aisle? We had with nothing compellingly new – not the packaging, not the name (tons of products have crunch and nuts in their titles), not the positioning “The irresistible taste that puts a smile on your face” and not the reason to believe “Nuts in every bite”.


The cereal market for adults had become very health-oriented. Yet, our research showed that many grown-ups ate kids' cereals. In fact, a TNS segmentation analysis showed that about 20% of the breakfast need-states in America were situated in an area called “Enjoy the moment”. However, there was no adult cereal in that space. The opportunity: Make Crunchy Nut the first taste cereal for adults.

We targeted not a demographic, but a personality: “Taste Nuts”– people who don’t wait to enjoy food and reframed Crunchy Nut from a breakfast cereal into “A Snack You Can’t Wait Until Morning To Eat”, thus expanding the consumption occasion and communicating taste in a fresh way.

Plus, we were also no longer cannibalizing our own products.


Our campaign idea “IT’S MORNING SOMEWHERE” was just another excuse for not having to wait until morning to eat Crunchy Nut, because wherever you are, It’s Morning Somewhere.

It was executed in TV, OOH, Print, Digital, Social, Experiential and Retail.

We started off with an act, not an ad. We created a mega event, the world’s largest cuckoo clock on Hollywood boulevard, in Los Angeles. A character appeared every hour for 24 hours to announce morning somewhere in the world from the clock. It was accompanied by a tastings and comedic acts from places where it’s morning. Then came TV. Our first spot featured a guy who goes to the end of the earth for his Crunchy Nut, because it’s morning there. Check out the case study for more.


“It’s Morning Somewhere” became the most talked about cereal campaign ever.

The giant cuckoo clock alone was all over the news and trended on twitter. It generated +176 million media impressions and +160K live streams with an average viewing time of 6 minutes.

Crunchy Nut, a new brand, gained +1.1% market share of the entire US cereal market in just 6 weeks.

Today, the brand is an established player with various line extensions in the U.S.

We also won a few awards along the way (i.e. Cannes Lion Short List OOH, Bronze Clio Outdoor, New York Festival Finalist Outdoor)