Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks N.A. Effie Finalist



Reframing Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks:
From A Snack To A Toy

Honors: Effie Finalist, Creativity Online
Channels: Social, digital, mobile, retail, activation, TV


2011 was a bad year for sugary snacks. Moms were replacing Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks (Gushers, Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit By The Foot) with healthy snacks. Retailers stocked us less. Plus, we were contractually bound to advertise on Nickelodeon and their viewership was shrinking. Moreover, we could not even reach kids directly via social media due to legal restrictions.


We couldn’t compete on health credentials, so we focused on our strength and reframed Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks from a SNACK YOU CAN PLAY WITH TO A TOY YOU CAN EAT. After all, kids already played with our food (the insight!) – squirting gush at their friends, unrolling them into lassos, chomping and chopping them into funny shapes. By concentrating on the entertainment aspect inherent in a toy, we saw an opportunity to reinvigorate kid love and make Moms think differently about Fruit Snacks – as they associate toys with imagination. In fact, movements promoting creative play for kids were popping up around the country. It also allowed us to move closer to our real attention competition: pixar, not other snacks. Hence our strategic focus:


As kids didn’t think our products played such different roles in their lives, we housed all three snacks under one campaign to drive efficiencies and increase the creative potential.


In the FRUITSNACKIA campaign everything from the characters to the pool to the cars was made out of fruit snacks. The entire wacky experience felt like it came right out kids minds. It was highly entertaining and nurtured kids' imagination and creativity. We started off with TV and ran crazy tutorials on showing kids how to make ties, shirts and beards out of fruit snacks. We ran the Snackulator character contest, where kids could create their own Fruitsnackian. The winner debuted in our next spot. And we did a ton of other things. When Jeremy Lin tweeted that he loved fruit snacks, we made him a jersey out of fruit snacks. Completely wearable and edible just like our campaign. Check out the case study.

We over-delivered on our goal: base turn sales grew by an average of 14% each month. This result is 6% higher than our client was shooting for.

Factors that contributed to the success:

  • TV generated 37% more volume per each 100 GRPS (YOY), despite our smaller budget and declining Nickelodeon ratings.
  • 1.6 million views online
  • Banners performed 7% above the publisher’s benchmark

Today, profit is more than we ever hoped for. In fact, Fruitsnackia is one of General Mills' most successful campaigns and became an Effie Finalist in 2014.