Repositioned after 30 yrs, 6 Lions Won

Headline: Every story has a face. The insight here is that every man needs some time to himself to get ready for what’s ahead.

Conducted consumer and luxury market research that led to the positioning for the first heated razor.



  • First Repositioning in 30 years (Launch Q4 217)
  • 6 Cannes Lions and other awards won with interim-work
  • Channels: TV, digital, social, retail

Before my arrival, Gillette didn’t win awards and sales were declining. But we changed all that. During my tenure we repositioned the brand for the first time in 30 years (Launch in Q4). Even before the new campaign is in place, Gillette’s more human-centric interim-work is making news. The brand is recognized at award shows for the first time. In 2017 we won 6 lions in Cannes alone.

The problem:
Back in the 80s/90s Gillette had the cultural relevance of a Nike. Product and brand fueled consumer choice. However, over the years Gillette shifted its communications to the product and functional at the expense of the brand and emotional. Today, product is the only point of connection. Men no longer find the brand relevant. A large product assortment has led to cluttered communications.

The Solution:
I undertook Gillette’s first global cultural research. We hired Space Doctors who conducted a semiotic analysis in our key markets to understand masculine success. We spoke to men on the street, interviewed priests about the top regrets of the dying, conducted desk research and expert interviews.

We uncovered a new global insight into masculine success, which led to a new strategy platform and approach. The new campaign will modernize “The Best A Man Can Get” and house all products under one roof for the first time in Gillette history. Every time we advertise a product, we’ll also sell the brand. Stay tuned for the eventual roll-out!

Although “Father’s Day 2017”, “Rogue 1” and “Handle With Care” are just interim-work and not completely reflective of our new direction, they represent the shift to a human-focused approach with success:

  • “Handle With Care” scored 6 Cannes Lions amounting to three gold, two silver and one bronze (4 Health & Wellness category, 1 in Promo & Activation and 1 in Non-Fiction Entertainment).

  • Father’s Day 2017 achieved + 3.5 million views in just two days on Youtube alone. It’s been featured by Fast Company, Forbes, Creativity-online, Campaignlive, etc.

  • Rogue One (Star Wars) has been written up by the New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, CNET and many others.