Liberty Mutual (Heavy on Digital)




Liberty Mutual wanted to raise awareness of the senior mobility issue. But many boomers were not aware of the perils their parents face when driving.


We needed boomers to start a conversation with their ageing folks. To sensitize them to the problem, we put boomers in their parents’ shoes to clearly understand the dangers of senior driving.


We kicked off with a PR-event. A custom senior simulator suit mimicked the effects of ageing, while driving a car (i.e. impaired vision, arthritis). The multi-platform campaign was heavily rooted in digital around the “Driver Seat Game” (boomers love casual gaming), which gave users a taste of the perils of senior driving (i.e. Computer, iPhone app). The game was buttressed by an extensive social media effort and paid support.


The driver seat game gained national attention and sparked discussions in the media including a segment on Good Morning America and a cover story on the Boston Globe. It earned more than 10MM impressions and 800K in ad value equivalency. Site visit was up five-fold.