Motorola Digital

AS you can tell, I’ve worked in digital for a while. This work was done in 2006/2007 at FCBi.

This a Facebook app that allows you to upload your face into a cool album cover. Now, you look like a Rockstar. Time to share it with your friends and get a little buzz for Moto Q9m.

PEBL Pond was an award winning microsite and success story for a new entry phone named PEBL. With a 46% drive to the Product Kernel, the site clearly aided in the awareness and sale of PEBL.


In 2006, the seamless mobility positioning had become table-stakes. The brand was no longer meeting its targets. Despite a breakthrough innovation legacy, creativity was not at the innermost of the company’s business discussions. Inventions, such as StarTac and Razr, seemed rather accidental. It was necessary to systemize the pioneering spirit, to make it the energy of the company and communications. It was the only way to regain leadership and give consumers the feeling that Moto was the one making the running in the category. We wanted people to buy into the brand again. Because if they bought into the brand, there was a higher chance they would buy into our products. If you think mobile phone, Moto should come to mind first.

This meant that although we were speaking to the mass market for scale, our design target could not just be the general consumer. Mobile phones were being bought by younger and younger people. We defined our design target as the creator: someone who is on the bleeding edge, who has influence amongst peers and always does things first. She/He is not interested in being number two. This put an emphasis on leading the way, creating and pioneering the new. Because if it’s not new, it’s number two. To resonate with them, Motorola had to focus on being the Provocateur Of Original Experiences.

We mixed up music, fashion, art, sports, film, gaming and technology creating new digital experiences for i.e. music, gaming, fashion, sports. We conceived a new product called ‘Mototrips’ – a series of intimate, self-guided and immersive multimedia walking tours; stories that no tourist would ever hear or see, told by a celebrity insider (i.e. The New York Punk Rock Tour narrated by Debbie Harry). It allowed users to experience the functionality of Motorola phones. Motortrips constituted a new revenue stream for Motorola and the agency. It was FCB’s first idea outside of advertising.

Despite predating Youtube, our campaigns achieved a phenomenal amount of buzz boosting sales for products such as Pebl, Krzr, Rizr and Q.

The work was recognized by Webby Awards, New York Festival, FWA, Creativity, Communications Arts, etc.

Attached are just a few samples.