Bacardi Social Media

Case study

The actual experience




As so many other brands, Bacardi wanted to capitalize on the holiday season. Unfortunately, the brand’s positioning “Bringing People Together” was very generic (i.e. Nokia “connecting people”) and not attention-grabbing.


We modified the positioning from COME TOGETHER TO EXPLORE TOGETHER to align with the conspicuous experimentation mind-set of our audience. This step-change laid the foundation to wrap Bacardi’s mixibility message in a more innovative and experimental fabric. To drive buzz and participation, we used Facebook Connect and influencer marketing.


Bacardi’s “Unwrap The Night” was a virtual house party where Facebook Connect and 360-degree cameras were combined for the first time allowing people to explore together. We modified Google’s street view camera, pulled in all their Facebook friends and pushed out drinks to those who couldn’t make it. After they entered the party, content and images from their year on Facebook was woven into the party. A bartender mixed a drink named after one of their friends, there was a holiday sweater with their name on it and pictures of their friends adorned the walls. Finally, they stepped out on to the patio for fireworks and a retrospective display of their year in photos.

Blending emerging technologies was Bacardi’s recipe for an innovative holiday party.


Bacardi generated over half a million new ‘likes’ in less than 3 months. It was the most innovative holiday communication in the brand’s history. But more importantly, a lot of more folks knew how to mix Bacardi.